Sossoman Funeral Home

Wilma J King (Memory of Benson King)

Shirley Cannon (Memory of Rex Cannon)

Denise E. Michaud (Memory of DM Michaud)

Network For Good

Lynne Bell (Memory of Clarence Ted Bell)

Mike Coffey

Cathy Hussey (Memory of Herbert Hussey)

Frank Moore

Nellie Mullinax (Memory of Stanley Smith)

Norma Annas (Memory of Ray Annas)

Robert Sisk (Memory of Robert B. Sisk)

Nancy Tebeau (Memory of Henry Junior Ford)

Poplin Family (Memory of Poplin Service)

Annette Smith (Memory of Robert Sisk)

Sally Sadberry (Memory of Willis Sadberry)

H. Dale Crisp (Memory of Troy Triplett)

Sharon Triplett (Memory of Troy Triplett)

April Welch (Memory of Troy Triplett)

Mathis Chapel Baptist (Memory of Troy Triplett)

Friendship Baptist Church

Carolyn Lutz 

Matthew Sizemore

Johnny Cline

Kathy Hussey (Memory of Herbert Hussey)

Collettsville Ruritan Club

William J. Ford III (Memory of Henry Junior Ford)

Nancy A Campbell (Memory of Henry Junior Ford)

Karen Young (Memory of Al Young)

Dell Ruth Evans (Memory of James D. Hawkins)

Asheville Mortuary Service

Kirksey Funeral Home

Carole W. Wilson (Memory of Lonnie Wallace)



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The Bollinger Foundation

Tom Crouse

Westmoreland Funeral Home

Teresa Davis (Memory of Bobby Powell)

Kathy Hussey (Memory of Herb Hussey)

Laura Dziedzic (Memory of Roger Kiley)

Amanda Lennex (Memory of Ralph Abee, Jr.)

Elizabeth Triplett (Memory of Ralph Triplett)

J. Christiano (Memory of Roger Kiley)

Groome, Tuttle, Pike & Blair RLLP (Memory of Johnny Runnion)

Annie Renaye Shook (Memory of Robert Shook, Jr.)

Janice S. Fisher (Memory of James C. Fisher)

Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home (Military Honors Terry Lawrence, Sr.)

Jimmy Rader

Heritage Funeral Home

Kathy Causby

Annie Crotts (Memory of Larry Crotts)

Debora Carswell Miller (Memory of Calvin Carswell)

Shelia Fox (Memory of Thomas Owen)

Faithful Friends Sunday Class )Memory of Thomas Owen)

Thurman Staton

Sherry White )Memory of Thomas Owen)

Mount Zion Baptist (Memory of Thomas Owen)

Kenneth Hinson

Pat Mets

Randall Jones

Bass Smith Funeral Home

Gay Ledford Dorsey (Memory of Harold Ledford)

Union Grove Baptist

Conway Baptist Church

Westmoreland Funeral Home

Hopewell Baptist Church

Jim Munday


Town of Sawmills

Forrest Earley

Gary Stroupe

Betty Baird

Janette P. Bollinger

AT&T Employee Giving Campaign

John Limbrunner

Pendry;s Lenoir Funeral Home

Mary Kinsey (Memory of William Kinsey)

Margie Arrowood (Memory of Jerry Arrowood)

Heritage Funeral Home

Dixie G Flowers (Memory of Thomas Flowers)

Jessie Queen (Memory of James G. Queen)

Frank Moore

Katherine King-Bowman (Memory of Jerry Bowman)

Don Gray

David Bentley

Randall Jones

Thurman Staton

Westmoreland Funeral Home

Vickers Family (Memory of Joel Vickers)

Family Friends (Memory of Chuck Riddle)

Family Friends (Memory of Gary Swink)

Conway's Chapel Baptist Church

Edgar Ford Family (Memory of Edgar Ford)

Donald & Melissa Gray (Memory of Randall Hefner)

Evans Funeral Home

Edward Van Horn

Sandra Jenkins (Memory of Richard Myers)

Ronald Kidwell

Mary Kinsey (Memory of Bill Kinsey)

Karen S. Guest (Memory of Nicholas Keller)

James Hamby

Phyllis Jacumin (Memory of Emile M. Jacumin, Jr)

Kathy Hussey (Memory of Herbert Hussey)

Steven Woods (Memory of Leonard Woods)

Daniel Bolick (Memory of Karen Lambert)

Conway's Chapel Baptist (Memory of Karen Lambert)

Chandice Parsons (Memory of Karen Lambert)

Odena Coffey (Memory of Karen Lambert)

Staicar Family (Memory of Charles Staicar)

Sossoman Funeral Home

Evans Funeral Home

Barbara McManus (Memory of Charles McManus)

Kathy Sigmon (Memory of Frank Effler)

Sarah Wilson  (Memory of Thomas Lingerfelt)

Danny Reeves (Memory of Karen Lambert)

Frank Moore

Edward Van Horn

Heritage Funeral Home

Mary Kent (Memory of Horatio Kent Sr.)

Ricky Kirby

Daisy Robinette (Memory of Beaver Robinette)

Nissen Family (Memory of Richard Nissen)

Rebecca Mull (Memory of Howard Mull)

Todd Bowman

Foothills Jeep Brigade

Jennifer Shatley

Susan Flicker

Cars Plus

Hibriten Auto Mart

Carolina Car Company

Steven Stewart Insurance Service

Mrs. Gilbert Norman (Memory of Gilbert Norman)

Kathy Causby

David Jewell Family (Memory of David Jewell)

Ronald Kidwell

Randall Jones

Kenneth Hinson

Todd Swanson (Memory of Wayne Mullinax)

David Bentley

Patsy Aiken (Memory of Kelly Aiken)

Union Grove Baptist Church

Sharyn Brady (Memory of Ralph R. Kiziah)

Mount Home Baptist Church

Sydney Bollinger

Praise Assembly of God

Town of Sawmills

Dale Watson

Forrest and Becky Earley