The Caldwell County Veterans Honor Guard is made up of all veterans who served this country honorably regardless of time served.

The mission of this honor guard is to honor or enhance the image of all veterans and to give them and their family the respect they are due.

Honoring our veterans can be done in a variety of ways such as military funerals, flag raising and posting ceremonies, dedicating federal, state, or local buildings and monuments, going into schools and teaching young students flag etiquette, properly raising and lowering of the flag and proper folding of the colors with the meaning behind the 13 folds. 

The members of the honor guard serve out of respect for their fellow comrades and give of their time and monies to do so and expect nothing in return.  Services are rendered at no cost to the families or organization they support.  Money they receive is through donations only and that is what we are requesting from you.

By donating your tax deductible gift, you are helping purchase uniforms, flags, rifles and necessary items that are needed.  For your contributions we will advertise your company and/or individual name on the Caldwell County Veterans Honor Guard website  Donations are a 100% write off.

We are a nonprofit organization (501)c and if you would care to donate, please make checks payable to Caldwell County Veterans Honor Guard--P O Box 702, Hudson NC  28638.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

For God and Country

Jimmy Rader

Commanding Officer


Let us know how you can help save lives.

​​Dedicated to serving those who have served.

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